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People are currently considering how to replace the existing light source

People are currently considering how to replace the existing light source


The characteristics and attractiveness of outdoor LED lighting and its attractiveness to people all prove that it has unlimited visual impact. 90% of the information that humans get from the outside world comes from vision. The development of the senses is more difficult. Therefore, a bright state is a bright country. It will bring all the light into the eyes of the residents, move people's hearts, awaken memories, show imagination, develop emotions, feel warm and improve the happiness index.

LED lighting brands can't get rid of existing sales channels. Because no matter what type of new light source you are, as long as the target customer is the same, the production process from the manufacturer to the user must be the same. People are currently considering how to replace existing light sources. Outdoor lighting manufacturers include incandescent lamps, cup lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and linear fluorescent lamps, as well as the sales channels of these light sources. The light is formed and fixed. Therefore, to replace these light sources, LED lights must also pass through these existing sales channels. The sales engine of these channels depends mainly on price, reputation and service.

Compared with the incandescent lamp of LED lighting brand, its strong driving force is the advantage of energy saving and environmental protection. The rapid development of the old LED industry has made the prices of some LED lighting products lower than incandescent lamps or the same level, making the houses of ordinary people acceptable, and its brightness is better than light bulbs. Incandescent lamp. For example: plastic bulbs, SMD aluminum, embedded spotlights, etc. If you want to carry out engineering design, you need to choose high-quality LED products to ensure the stability of all aspects, of course, the price will be higher.

LED lighting brands should pay attention to the design of the housing and heat sink when choosing heat dissipation materials. Usually choose aluminum or aluminum alloy and other alloys with good thermal conductivity. Heat dissipation includes air convection heat dissipation, strong wind cooling and heat pipe heat dissipation. Which heat dissipation method has a direct impact on the lamp, we need to carefully consider it and choose the best solution for the design of the product. The design of the lampshade is also critical. Currently, outdoor lighting manufacturers use transparent plexiglass and PC materials.


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